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Jen is a children’s book author, Mom x 4, wife, and believer of dreaming big and being kind. She lives in Southwestern Ontario with her family and quirky black lab named Lucy. Jen considers it a privilege to have her books invited into others homes and takes great pride in the stories she tells.

“In a world where you can have anything instantly, I am thrilled when families slow down and take time to read and connect through a book. There is beauty in the simplicity of bedtime stories.”

Jen has published four books: I don't think I'll be a princess, a story about a spirited little girl; and a three part series about a shy little mouse: Santa Meets His Match: A TAIL of Perseverance, An unlikely friendship: A TAIL of bravery, and the newly released X marks the spot: a TAIL of faith.

Book Testimonials/Reviews

"My Daughter and I thoroughly enjoyed I don’t think I’ll be a princess! and and an unlikely friendship – a tail of bravery. Jen’s characters and the illustrations pull you in to see the story through the eyes of the characters. Jen’s creative and rhythmic use of language make her books ideal for story time with young children, while also instilling valuable life lessons. We look forward to cuddling up to read more of Jen’s stories!"

- Janny Pape, Mother of 3
Listowel, Ontario

"As a teacher and a mother of three girls, I don’t think I’ll be a Princess! filled my heart to the brim with hope for the next generation. This book will remind them that they have limitless possibilities as to who they can create themselves to be! A great reminder to the little girls of this world of the beauty and importance of their wonder, strength and creativity! Gone are the days of the damsels in distress; here are the days of the girls kicking ass!"

- Sally Mitchell, B.Ed
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

"When Jennifer first shared her writings with me I couldn't help but fall in love with the characters and storylines - you can feel the "life" in the characters! As an Early Years Coordinator I have read many books and these will remain on my shelf for a very long time. Perfect additions to one's collections."

- Debbie Miller, E.C.E.
Listowel, Ontario

"Jen's writing is pure magic. She draws me in, capturing my imagination and heart. She reminds me that even as an adult, the world is full of possibilities and I can do anything I put my mind to. Her message is timeless and powerful."

- Amy Sonnenberg, E.C.E., R.H.N
Elmira, Ontario

"Jennifer's writing style is as beautiful and ambitious as her personality. Children will be empowered by the messages Jen puts into her books."

- Trina Huffman, Branch assistant, Huron County Library
Wingham, Ontario