Jennifer Courtney Jennifer Courtney

My Ex's Wedding

2018-05-14 19:53:01

Today my ex-husband is getting married.

Today is a big day for him, his bride and all our children. Today is a happy day and a day for celebration. He is happy and that makes me happy. That makes our children happy and that makes my current husband happy (I remarried 6 years ago).

It’s a circle, and we are all connected. We are all a family and when a family member is happy we celebrate, and when they are sad we lean in to see how we can help. That’s what family does.

We have worked hard for this relationship and it came with many - I mean OMG MANY - trials and errors, but we stayed focused on what was important and what wasn’t, and that has got us to where we are today.

I share this today to offer hope to divorced homes; to show that life doesn’t have to be yelling, fighting, and constantly picking at old wounds. The “new woman” doesn’t have to be the enemy. I never wanted to be divorced. I thought I would end the cycle of divorce, but I didn’t. However, I can end the cycle of negativity, anger, fighting, and name calling that can come with divorce. I want my ex to be happy and healthy and successful, and I believe he wants that for me, because that is what benefits our children. Hurting him hurts my children, and that hurts me, and me hurting hurts my husband.

We are all connected.

So on a happy day for members of my family, we lift a glass and celebrate: We celebrate endings because they open the door for new beginnings, and we celebrate love because I believe it heals all. And we welcome new members to our crazy, slightly odd family.