Jennifer Courtney Jennifer Courtney

Sweet child of mine

2022-11-14 10:14:53

Is there something wrong with me? I hum and click and twitch.
My body always feels like it's responding to an itch.
They want me in a circle, they want me on a chair, but my mind somehow feels calmer with my feet up in the air.
I'm told I need to focus and just do what I am told, but if the subject doesn't interest me, my attention will not hold.
I don't like to be in trouble, I'm not trying to be bad.
Being in my body sometimes makes me really sad.
I don't feel like I am normal, I often don't feel seen, and of course, it hurts my feelings when the other kids are mean.
Is there something wrong with me? Please tell me clear and true.
Being me is so darn hard, I would rather be like you.

Oh, sweet child there's nothing wrong with you, you are so wonderfully made.
You are everything I dreamed of, and everything I prayed.
Yes you twitch your body, and yes you make some sounds, BUT our bodies are meant for movement and our voices aren't meant to be bound.
Everyone is different; that's what makes us so unique.
All snowflakes look the same until we take a closer peek.
So, you can't sit in a circle, you colour outside the lines.
The world needs people just like you with BIG creative minds.
I know some days feel lonely, and some days feel so hard.
I know you feel you're all alone and you're heart feels like it's scarred.
But I promise it will get easier and you'll find just where you fit,
And things will look much brighter like a fire that's freshly lit.
My child, you're sweet and funny, you're bold and brave and true
And the world is such a better place because my love you're you.