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Book Review - The Good Little Book

2023-01-23 10:41:08


Written by: Kyo MaClear
Illustrated by: Marion Arbona
Published by: Tundra Books

This book caught my attention while scrolling the shelves in our local library with its simple yet intriguing cover. The deep/old and almost weathered look of this book is charming, and makes you want to open it to see what wonders lie inside. When you do, you are quickly drawn in.

This book starts out with a somewhat disgruntled little boy who has been sequestered in the den to think about his actions. There among all the treasures he finds a book and begins to read it. It is THE GOOD LITTLE BOOK. It’s not quite love at first sight but, after a short while, he is completely drawn in and reads it over and over for weeks without growing tired of it. Until one day, it is lost to him.

You are taken on a wonderful quest to locate his newly treasured possession. For months it remains lost to him until one day he sees it. It had found its way into the hands of a little girl, and as he goes to yell for it, he stops and realizes that THE GOOD LITTLE BOOK is on its own journey, without him.

This sweet story has a very thoughtful message, and as soon as we were finished reading it I knew it was one to purchase for our collection. The author weaves a beautiful tale while the illustrator’s art is simply mesmerizing. Quirky, fun, whimsical, charming, and oh-so delightful.

THE GOOD LITTLE BOOK is a wonderful read. I believe the deeper message of the book may be lost on younger children (5/6 and under), however the pictures offer more than enough to keep them engaged. Harper (9) fell madly in love with this book and gave it 2 very eager thumbs up (as do I).

You can find this book at books stores or at your local library.